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The Person and the JENTE OÜ's two cornerstone businesses.
Teppo Lahtinen, The founder of JENTE started his passion with computers with the purchase of Commodore 64 at the age of eight. Before graduating from High School he had assembled the very last 286 Mikro Mikko computers ever to leave assembly line at the Fujitsu Factory and gotten the very las one for himself as his first real computer. Helped and learned how to assemble company networks and drawn diagrams for introducing people to “new” thigs like ring networks. This spark of learning more has grown to extensive knowledge on the current technologies.

ART has been the second passion Teppo Lahtinen. He has taken a part the in the small around 100 member artists society, first as a member and then as sectary and chairman for long time. Over the years the need for visual things for IT has ewer increased exponentially. Now days the need for drawings, photos for visual aids, adds or presentation material is staggering. That is why the combination of ART’s and computers has been perfect fit.
Consulting for IT / ITC 
Advice and solutions to needs and problems. Comprehensive experience with IT consulting since 1994. 

ART Wizard at your fingertips
When you need digital art work for your presentations or ads Teppo Lahtinen at JENTE OÜ can provide them for you. See examples in the gallery. 
Teppo Lahtinen
IT Consulting since 1994.

3D, Art, photos and pictures
When your company needs spectacular looking digital artwork or just upgrading and refreshing the look of your documentation JENTE OÜ is the place to get it from. Modern new look with 3D modeling.
IT / ICT Consulting
Advice on hardware and software purchases and solutions, training and documentation. 

 IT saves money and time when done correctly, that is why it is important to have consultant that drives your interests and the best solutions for your company. 
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Contact Information

Estonia Tallinn
Teppo Lahtinen ( FI, ENG )
IT Consultant
info (a) jente.ee
gsm. +372 5304 5705